Sustainable-dance-floor, sustainable dance floor is the interactive dance floor that generates electricity through the act of dancing. sustainable dance floor produces up to 25 watts per module. the generated energy is used to power the lighting and dj booth. studio roosegaarde created the design for the club in rotterdam and the interaction concept.. The sustainable dance floor (and additional dancer plugins) can be easily integrated into any event with a big audience. whether it’s a sports event, (eco) festival or product launch. we bring the dancer and the crowd will provide the energy it, it’s as easy as that!, the sustainable dance floor™ is the first dance floor that captures the energy of dancing. the energy produced by movement is converted into electricity that makes the dance floor react to the dancer in an interactive way..

The sustainable dance floor harnesses wasted energy in such places as dance halls and clubs. it is a modular dance floor system that channels the kinetic energy of dancers to create a luminous floor that will electrify the night even more., with great pleasure studio roosegaarde presents the first sustainable dance floor which will generate energy through the movements of the dancing people. the more you dance the more energy you produce in which the dancers will get engaged with the ‘sustainable experience’..

The sustainable dance floor (sdf) developed by the dutch company energy floors converts the kinetic energy of the users into electricity. energy floors' sustainable dance floor is an interactive floor that engages users in dance and exciting visual experiences while at the same time generating energy to power its own applications., sustainable dance floor doesn’t just light up—it generates electricity as you dance. photo: anneke hymmen, courtesy of energy floors the average person takes about 150 million steps in a lifetime. what if we could turn all that movement into energy?.

The sustainable dance floor converts the movement of the dancing crowd into electricity and uses the power to change the appearance of the floor's surface., the sustainable dance floor produced by energy floors converts kinetic energy into electricity. this powers a camera taking the dancers’ photo, allowing users to see the results of their green actions before their eyes.. Our story starts in 2008 when we open the world’s first sustainable dance club and let partygoers loose on our energy-generating dance floor. a thrilling tech innovation that turns clubbers’ movement into electricity and make them happy in the knowledge that they are generating energy while they party!  a new sustainable experience is born.